Collection: Good Vibes Only Collection



At Stellify we are proud to offer 100s of affordable jewellery options that will never discolour...EVER! We stand behind every piece created and sold. These pieces using the highest quality PVD Plating and can even be worn in

* Shower

* Bath

* Pool

* Ocean

* Kept on when using hand sanitiser, lotions and perfume.

With absolutely no tarnishing.

THESE PIECES ARE LIFE PROOF - whether your a gold, a silver or a rose gold kinda gal we've got you covered... for life 24/7, perfect for those of you with sensitivities who need hyperallergenic or those of you who like to layer and like to live in your jewellery, because who has time for taking your jewellery on and off?

Tarnish free guaranteed -100% unlike SIlver and Gold which contain other alloys ie. Zinc and copper which can cause oxidisation when in contact with skin, water, perfumes, lotions and when worn in pools, hot tubs in the sea etc..... 'GOOD VIBES EVERYTIME, EVERYWHERE...GUARANT EED.'

QUALITY ASSURANCE- pioneering waterproof jewellery, we only offer quality stainless steel jewellery with the highest quality PVD plating. Ensuring jewellery that maintains quality, beauty and integrity for a lifetime.

Lifetime guarantee I am so confident in my products-  experience the difference, discover the beauty, glamour and reliability of Good VIbes Only,. Whether treating yourself  or selecting a meaningful gift for a loved one. Our commitment to quality ensures that you only need to buy an item once and keep it forever.

Manufacturing Warranty- We are super confident in our lifetime guarantee and our tarnish free products but still offer for manufacturing warranty for flaws for full one year at no additional cost to you just contact (this does not include damage caused by customer.)

How does it work- if you encounter an issue with our jewellery under out lifetime guarantee (almost Impossible but best to be safe than sorry.) Please contact us and we guarantee to talk you through the process, get your item replaced, our goal is to make this vision seamless  to ensure you keep coming back for more and more.